Improve your photography by learning all about lens hoods with these 7 tips

Just about every extra tool you use with your camera will improve the quality of your photos when used correctly. If you haven't used your lens hood yet, its time to take it out. You can improve your photography by learning all about lens hoods with these 7 tips.
Some cameras come with at least one lens hood. If you don't know how to use yours, you are missing out on improving your photographs. Here are some tips to help you learn how to use your lens hood.
1. Blocks out sunlight
A lens hood's main purpose is to block out extra sunlight in your shot. Unwanted ghosting and flaring in pictures are eliminated with the use of a lens hood. Because of this, the overall quality of your image will be greatly improved.
2. Protects the lens
Another purpose for the lens hood is to help protect the lens. You want to protect the face of the lens from dirt, scratches and your fingerprints, and having a lens hood on can help with that. You want to protect your lens so that you can put good, quality use in it.
3. Convenient
If you have a busy day shooting, leaving the hood on your camera will give you extra time to set up your shots. You can set your camera to the side or back in its bag, ready to use at a moment's notice. Even with the lens cap off, keeping the hood on will protect the lens in between shots.
4. Space savers
If you don't have enough space in your bag to keep the hood on your lens, you can attach the hood directly to your bag without it getting in the way. Unbuckle one end of your camera bag strap, thread your lens on the strap, then buckle it back on your camera bag. Now you still have your hood with all your camera equipment without it taking any room in your bag.
5. Which lens hood?
There are a variety of lens hoods to buy which may be confusing to beginning photographers. You want to buy the hood that goes with the particular lens you have. Below are two common types of hoods.
6. Petal lens hood
A petal lens hood is designed to go on a wide-angle camera. The curves are to help provide shade to prevent too much sunlight into your wide shot. The curves on the hood should not show up in your shot, but if they are, you will need to adjust your lens to get rid of it.
7. Tube lens hood
A tube lens hood is designed for long-range shots so there are no curves on the hood. The lens is designed to focus on something specific and far away, so the hood is designed with just some shade to prevent too much glare from getting in the shot.

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