Here are 8 helpful tips so that you can avoid blurry photos

Unless done for artistic purposes, blurry photos look unprofessional and are hard to look at for even a small period of time. Even the best photographers can unintentionally take blurry photographs. Here are 8 helpful tips so that you can avoid blurry photos.
You may be using a camera where you can't review your pictures right away, so what may have looked like a clear picture to you may end up blurry afterward. Below are several tips to take great, clear photographs.
1. Autofocus
Blurry pictures can be caused simply by the camera being out of focus. Using the autofocus feature on your camera can easily prevent this. If you only want the camera focused on a particular subject, make sure that is the clearest part of the picture too.
2. Shutter Speed
If your shutter speed is too slow, even if you are holding the camera still, your image may end up blurry. Your lens' focal length needs to reciprocate the shutter speed to avoid blurry photos. For example, use a 100 mm lens if the shutter speed is 1/100 sec.
3. Depth of Field
Too shallow of a depth of field will cause certain parts of your photo to blur. Utilize the Aperture setting or preset scene modes to correct this.
4. Clean Lens
Make sure the lens you are using is clean. If there is dirt on it or smudges, this can cause your photo to be blurry. The types of filters you use can also affect the quality of your photos.
5. Tripod
Using a tripod can greatly help you avoid taking blurry photographs. You may be using a slow shutter speed or taking pictures with low light. In these conditions, it would be best to use the tripod so you still can produce clear photographs.
6. Aperture
Aperture size can either sharpen or blur images. If the aperture is too wide it will cause your photographs to produce blurry images. In general, use a small aperture like f/22 if you want everything in your photos to look sharp.
7. Official Photographer Position
Embrace the official photographer position to avoid taking blurry photos. Keep your feet just a little apart with one in front of another, hold the camera with your left hand while you shoot with your right hand. To compete with the pros, practice taking shots between heartbeats and breaths, since these can make your camera slightly shake, causing blurry photos.
8. Stay Focused
Make sure the focus is on the right part of the picture or you will get a blurry photograph. If the camera is already on autofocus, this shouldn't be a problem.
When the camera is on another focus setting take care in getting the subject in focus. You may need to move or take photos at a different angle to stay focused.

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